Julian Boyd

Hometown: Argyle, Tx
Hobby: If I’m not at the gym climbing I’m glued to my computer screen
Music: Anything 80’s, Disco, Classic Soul
Vacation: I’ve always wanted to do some beach bouldering in the Virgin islands
Quote: “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit” ~ Harry S. Truman
Movie: Jurassic Park, never got over my boyhood obsession with dinosaurs
Book: Slaughterhouse-Five
Climbing since: 2008

Julian just joined the team at The Spot and we couldn’t be happier. Not because he’s super friendly and a hard worker (although that helps). We’re psyched because Julian is a passionate climber like us, he has a ton of comp climbing experience, and yes, he’s super friendly. He started on the illustrious Team Texas, migrated to CO for school in Leadville, and now he’s enjoying all Boulder has to offer. Say hi next time you’re in!

Why did you join the team at The Spot?
I love being completely immersed in the sport, and so does everyone else here.

What do you love about working at The Spot?
Getting paid to talk about climbing!

Why do you climb?
I climb because I love the sport, the scenery, and the people I get have a good time with.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?
I hope to still be competing and without any major injuries, hopefully still in the Boulder area

Anything else you’d like to tell folks?
I’m a long-time competitor in the USAC as well as the IFSC, if you wanna talk competition climbing I’m your guy!