Jessica Brown


We’re psyched – after coming to our events and volunteering for years, Jessica Brown recently took over Spot event coordination. She’s got great energy and is super dialed. Say hi to her at Slacktopia!

Hometown: Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts
Hobby: Animals and being an environmental steward! Love skiing, longboarding, singing, dancing, video gamin’…but climbing is life.
Music: I like it all, but most frequently listen to hip-hop, deep house, or The Rupert Selection!
Vacation: Coming up next: Mexico! My dream: Mallorca –> Ibiza
Quote: “What’s in the box!?”
Movie: Hard to pick a fave. Go-to is usually SciFi or comedy, I dig horror and action, every James Bond, anything space or alien. The only types I usually pass on are rom and drams.
Book: Love disappearing into a literary world of hilarious mishaps or other worldly adventure; Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Time Enough for Love, Thief of Time.
Climbing since: 04′ baby! I learned to climb at a tiny gym in Massachusetts, that I thought was huge at the time.

Sup, east-coaster?! How long have you been in Colorado, and what’s your favorite local-ish crag?
Since 2008! And…(long pause)…Guanella.

What is it about bouldering that you love so much?
I started on ropes, but I didn’t feel a really strong connection. When I found bouldering, it changed the way I felt about climbing. I love that it’s more about “you.” There’s no rope, no gear, just you and the rock.

Why did you join the team at The Spot?
The Spot is special – I’m sure you’ve felt it, too – the positive energy and fun-loving community was something I did not know I was missing until I found it here. My events/marketing role offered potential to widen this community, to introduce more people to climbing, and spread positive psych like wildfire.

Yas! So far, what do you love about working here?
So many things; the first thing that comes to mind is everyone else that works here! The Spot team is stacked with amazingly strong, thoughtful, brilliant, and proactive humans that bring life to its culture. I learn something new everyday and am so stoked to be here!

What about climbing keeps you perpetually psyched?
I’m a giver and a pleaser at heart, always thinking of others before myself, and have an inclination for team activities. When combined, these attributes never left much room for personal space, but I was able to find that “me” space in climbing. Climbing is my venue for self-reflection and personal growth.

Personal space is crucial. Where do you hope to be in five years?
Nowhere! I have been focusing on the present more and more lately, so today, I hold no grandiose expectations or lofty desires. I hope to be healthy, in some place where the environment is still in tact, and with animals.

That’s what’s up. Anything else you’d like to tell folks?
My dog is a noodle.