Asana crashpad rentals at The SpotWe’re proud to offer the latest and greatest Asana crashpads!
Rent some and send that project!

  • First day is $15
  • Extra days are $5/day
  • Members save $2/day
  • Reservations recommended (details below)
  • 6 standard and 2 highball pads available – first come, first served (cannot reserve specific pads)
  • Pick-ups before 4pm include the pick-up day in rental term
  • Drop-offs after Noon include the drop-off day in rental term


  • Reservations are not confirmed until you get a reply from a human which may take 72 hours
  • Your credit card will be charged a $50 deposit for each crashpad rented
  • Your deposit minus rental fees will be refunded to you after the rental period
  • You will be charged $300/pad for any pads that are not returned
  • Cancellation on the pick-up day: we refund your deposit minus $15 per pad
  • Cancellation within 48 hours: we refund your deposit minus $7.50 per pad
  • Cancellation outside 48 hours: we refund your deposit in full


Please call (303) 379-8806 or email with:

  • Full name
  • Contact info
  • Requested reservation date
  • Number of days requested
  • Number of crashpads requested