Sarah Sarno

Hometown: Broomfield, CO
Movie: Howl’s Moving Castle
Book: All of them? Or, If I stay and Where She Went.
Quote: Breathe and Relax

Sarah-Sofia Sarno is an aspiring entrepreneur, longtime equestrian, freshman at CU, pizza aficionado, dog-lover, and perhaps above all: devout boulderer. For someone who started climbing just four years ago, she’s on the fast track to podiums, (having already taken first at numerous USAC Bouldering Divisionals).

What was your first impression of The Spot?
The first time I came to The Spot as a customer I was 14, and it was very intimidating, but it easily became, ‘all these people are so cool.’ I made at least three friends on the first day—that’s kinda why I wanted to work here, instead of all the other gyms when I moved to Boulder. It’s so laid back and friendly.

Who introduced you to climbing?
I’ve always been into climbing things! It felt natural compared to all the other sports.

When did you first know you loved climbing?
During my second season of bouldering at a USAC comp, it really clicked. I thought ‘this is definitely going to be my lifelong sport. Climbing is my home, and this is where I’m making my life.’

That’s kind of beautiful. Is there a quote or mantra you try to live by?
‘Breathe and relax.’ I started using it climbing, and then I adopted it into everything. I used to suffer from serious social anxiety and repeating those words to myself really helped.

Has climbing also helped your social anxiety?
Oh yeah, before climbing my sister had to talk for me. I started with one friend who was my belay partner and teammate at ROCK’n and JAM’n. We helped each other. I started to realize, ‘Oh I can open up and be with these people, and it’s great.’

There’s no place like the climbing community. Favorite local climbing spot?
The Satellites, it’s easy to get there. I just sent Turning Point, so I’m trying Captain Hook next.

When you’re not climbing you’re…(fill in the blank):
Studying? I want to be a business owner. I also have a baby horse that’s about to be born, (my family owns horses) so I’ll be training him or her soon. Horseback riding and climbing require the same group of muscles, so it’s hard to recover from both at the same time, or to take a break from one to get stronger in the other. Definitely constantly trying to find a balance.

Well you are a total crusher. Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspo!