Mark Gerken

We’re pretty psyched about Mark Gerken who recently joined as coach. After 5 years at Outward Bound we knew he was solid. He also works at A-Lodge in Boulder Canyon, and you can often find him on Flag pulling on pebbles.

Hi Mark, tell us a little about yourself…
I’m originally from Brookeville, MD and have lived most of my life in various places around the east coast. I was a member of my college’s boxing team and enjoy slacklining, skiing, and paddling when I’m not climbing

How and when did you start climbing?
I started climbing seriously in 2012. I had to be rescued off a mountain in Peru in 2007 after a backpacking accident, and climbing was an opportunity for me to rebuild my relationship with heights. After boxing in college, climbing gave me the perfect mix of mental and physical challenge, and I immediately fell in love with climbing movement, the beautiful places climbing brings me, and the incredible people in the climbing community

Favorite climbing destinations?
Sport: Red River Gorge, Tonsai, BoCan
Bouldering: Little Rock City, Flagstaff Mt

Any climbing goals?
Stay healthy, stay motivated, and continuously chase projects that seem impossible at first but can be done with hard work and focus.