the spot bouldering league

Have fun with your friends! The Spot Bouldering League is a chance to climb alongside friends in a friendly competition.

and the results are in…

Boulder Final Results

Denver Final Results


  1. Every week for 8 weeks a scorecard will be made, comprised of that week’s newly set routes

  2. The league is self-judged, and scorecards must be turned in by closing time six days later

  3. Routes are worth the same point value regardless of number of attempts (falls don’t factor into scores)

  4. Teams are made of 3 people with at least one male and one female (co-ed teams)

  5. New scorecards and weekly results are available by evening on Wednesday (Boulder) and Friday (Denver) - this will be switched one week Denver will be 6/19 and Boulder will be 6/21

  6. Weekly ranking is the average of your top 5 scores that week

  7. Ongoing ranking is average of your best six weeks (you can miss two weeks without any penalty)

  8. If your ranking is 2800 or over you will be considered a “Crusher”, and after that happens twice you will stay in the Crusher division

  9. Each week has one random prize winner

  10. Season’s top male, female and team will win special prizes