the spot bouldering league

Have fun with your friends! The Spot Bouldering League is a chance to climb alongside friends in a friendly competition.

Each week you get new problems with 6 days to climb your best. Then every Thursday we recognize the winners at 7pm with happy hour and trivia!

current league: 1/17/19 to 3/7/19

week six // week five // week four // week three // week two // week one



  • Every Thursday afternoon for 7 weeks a scorecard will be made, comprised of that week’s newly set routes

  • The league is self-judged, and scorecards must be turned in by closing time Wednesday

  • Routes are worth the same point value regardless of number of attempts (falls don’t factor into scores)

  • Teams are made of 3 people with at least one male and one female (co-ed teams)

  • On Thursday afternoon each week results from the prior week will be posted, along with the ongoing ranking

  • Weekly ranking is the average of your top 5 scores that week

  • Ongoing ranking is average of your best six weeks (you can miss one week without any penalty)

  • If your ranking is 2800 or over you will be considered a “Crusher”, and after you do that two times you will stay in the Crusher division

  • Each week has one random prize winner

  • Season’s top male, female and team will win special prizes

  • AND JOIN US THURSDAYS AT 7PM to kickoff the new week and enjoy Happy Hour and Trivia Night with prizes!